Our company websites... Comprehensive Online Garden Centre for gardening supplies, landscaping supplies, plant nursery supplies and farming supplies - delivered in Gauteng and around South Africa! Garden in a tray - water-wise drought tolerant plants in trays of 45 and 128 - for cost-effective solutions to landscaping! Wedding / Conference / Event / Exhibition decorations - glass succulent planters, abalone shell planters and square wooden / cement succulent planters - perfect for event decorations or even just for your home patio! Wholesale agricultural fertiliser / kunsmis supplies for farmers / government tenders / distributors / resellers - superlinks and triaxles delivered around South Africa and even cross-border to other Southern African countries! Wholesale agricultural lawn / forage / fodder / green manure supplies for farmers - delivered around South Africa and even cross-border to other Southern African countries! Johannesburg's Succulent Specialists - water-wise / drought tolerant / succulent / vetplante plant nursery - situated in North Riding AH, JHB, SA! Specializing in exhibition / conference / event plantscaping and soft garden landscaping - also offering SketchUp 3D garden / landscape / plantscape design!

Water-wise / Succulent Garden Installation / Landscaping Service for Johannesburg and Pretoria areas in Gauteng!
Water-wise / Succulent Garden Installation / Landscaping Service for Johannesburg and Pretoria areas in Gauteng! Home - Love Landscapes - Exhibition / Conference / , Johannesburg, Gauteng Vertical Pallet Gardens / Rooftop Landscapes - Sandton, Jo'burg, Gauteng Exhibition / Conference / Brand Launch Plant Displays / Plantscaping / Soft Landscaping, Sandton, Johannesburg, Gauteng SketchUp 3D Garden / Landscape Design FREE-OF-CHARGE, Sandton / Randburg, Johannesburg, Gauteng Garden Installation / Soft Landscaping / Hardscaping - Love Landscapes - Water-wise / Succulent Garden Landscaping Service, Johannesburg, Gauteng

Love Landscapes is based in the Northern Suburbs (Sandton area) of Johannesburg, Gauteng.

We specialize in exhibition / conference / entrance plantscaping, show-piece water-wise / indigenous / succulent gardens, right from 3D landscaping / plantscaping design to garden installation, and although we specialize in plant display at shows / conferences / exhibitions / branding events, we can facilitate any softscaping or hardscaping requirements as well.

We supply most of the required landscaping / plantscaping plants from our own nursery (Labyrinth Nursery) in North Riding AH, JHB, which helps us offer competitive landscaping / plantscaping rates, and our creativity is boundless when it comes to plant arrangement and display plantscaping!

We specialize in water-wise plants and succulents at our plant nursery, and these drought tolerant plants are perfect for roadside / pavement landscaping and small garden landscaping, as they're slow growing plants, they're long lasting, they're low maintenance, they're drought tolerant and most succulent plants change colour throughout the year (which really gives them that added WOW factor!)

Residential garden landscaping requirements are quite different to corporate landscapes or large scale landscaping, because plant combinations and attention to detail becomes alot more critical... plant combinations and the asthetic garden design are of utmost importance, but also taking care during landscape installation to make sure that the soil structure is right by adding a compost and river sand mix (or a relevant soil mix) during the soil conditioning phase!

Exhibition / Conference / Branding Event Plantscaping - Sandton - Johannesburg - Gauteng 3D Garden / Landscape Design free-of-charge - included in our garden design and installation package! Exhibition / Conference / Branding Event Vertical Pallet Plantscaping - Sandton - Johannesburg - Gauteng Gabion Wall Seating Area - Waterwise Landscaping!

Our approach to garden landscape installation is simple, we have our own water-wise plant nursery filled with hardy / water-wise / drought tolerant plants and we need to make sure our plant stock is turning over regularly, thus we use our own water-wise plants in landscape installations and offer them at a very good rate, which usually means we're charging half the price of other garden landscapers / installers in Johannesburg & Pretoria and other areas of Gauteng / South Africa in general!

So, if you're looking for cost effective landscaping installations for residential gardens, complexes or office parks... hardy waterwise gardens that will grow as you grow, survive as you survive, and teach you how to be resilient in a way that no human could... you've come to the right place!

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Although Love Landscapes specializes in soft landscaping / garden landscape installation and waterwise succulent gardens / drought resistant landscapes, we are happy to diversify if need-be. If our quotation is accepted we will do a FREE 3d landscape design to suit your garden ideas / landscaping requirements.

We can facilitate decking installations, pool installations, water-feature installations, braai area / braai pit installations, or whatever your hardscaping requirements are.

Rebranding Plantscaping Display / Entrance Plantscaping, JHB, Gauteng Gabion Wall Seating Area - Outdoor Braai Area! Exhibition / Conference / Launch Plantscaping - Plant Displays - Soft Indoor Landscaping - Plants For Hire / Rental! Vertical Pallet Gardens - Plant Walls - Pallet Walls - Succulent Pallets - Greenscaping!

We are passionate about installing hardy drought tolerant water-wise gardens for obvious reasons, water conservation is becoming more and more vital in South Africa as our water supply becomes more fragile by the day. Succulent plants (the hardiest of all plants) are built for the dry climate of South Africa, and the contrasts that can be created with succulent plants inspire people to get into their gardens more often and appreciate what God has created for us... the most amazing and most resilient plants on the planet just happen to live and breed in our beautiful country... so let's all do our part and enjoy growing these special gems :)

Exhibition / Conference / Branding Event Plantscaping - Sandton - Johannesburg - Gauteng Waterwise Garden Landscape Installation in Sandton, Fourways, Steyn City, Dainfern, JHB, Gauteng Rooftop Vertical Gardens / Green Building / Green Roofs - JHB, Gauteng! Waterwise Garden Landscape Installation in Sandton, Fourways, Steyn City, Dainfern, JHB, Gauteng

Water-wise Garden Consultants - we can also act as consultants for your garden landscaping requirements, if you need us to advise your landscape architect on which water-wise / hardy drought tolerant plants will work best, or help with the garden landscape layout with water-wise or environmental sustainability / water conservation in mind, you're welcome to give us a call to discuss further.

So, if you need a drought tolerant garden / water-wise landscape installation that is cost effective and will last forever with very little maintenance or water usage, feel free to send an email to info@love-landscapes.co.za to request a meeting / garden landscaping quotation.

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To request a meeting or quotation please email: info@love-landscapes.co.za
Ryan's Cell: +27 11 042 0000 -- Labyrinth Nursery Number: +27 11 042 0000
Labyrinth Nursery Address: Corner Aureole Ave & Boundary Rd, North Riding AH, JHB, SA.

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